Local searches

Local asset trace searches

Asset trace searches vary considerably with regard to jurisdiction in CEE and CIS countries. In countries such as Romania, some assets are automatically listed when belonging or having belonged to politicians or state employees through required declarations. In other countries, assets are not listed and the only legal approach lies in putting in the leg work to find human sources in order to reverse engineer ownership clues.Finally, there are countries where the legislation seemingly enables searches, but cooperation among public officials or state employees is nil, and registries that should be accessible simply are not.

We have wide and long experience in dealing with all of the above, with techniques ranging from proven reverse engineering approaches based on open source media and registries to leg-work and face-to-face query resources to experience with legal strategies that work in your favor when a search is required.

We do recommend initiating such work as soon as possible if litigation is an issue. Sadly, many clients come to us after years of litigation have already taken place, and assets that could have been easily targeted have since been moved out of reach.

Please query for feasibility and consultation regarding your needs and jurisdiction.