Your needs

Client needs run the gamut from a 'quick glance at the market' to deep, pre-transaction diligence to long-running investigations to identify perpetrators behind diverted product and bring said perpetrators to justice. Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation (CDDI) is the go-to risk intelligence and corporate detective agency focused on Central Europe and the CIS countries. With key consulting professionals, investigators and detectives throughout the region, CDDI is not only positioned, but it has the experience and reach to offer a wide range of litigation support and investigative needs, ranging from crisis litigation research to pre-transaction due diligence to more specified services such as surveillance, asset trace work, site security audits and investigations and sting operations.

That said, the standard needs of even long-term veterans in local markets typically include the following:

  • The identification of media red flags and clear documentation of a subject's or company's media footprint and history.
  • The identification of both present and historical corporate activities, shareholdings and representations of a subject or company in order to rule out conflict-of-interest activities. The identification of passive investments, sole proprietorships and links to family and politically exposed persons (PEPs) is also critical.
  • The ability to see through 'standard checks' or numbers typically provided to investors in the pre-transaction phase.
  • The ability to understand whether you or your firm is vulnerable not only to obvious scams, but to the many criminal endeavors and variants created by such scams, all of which could leave you much more vulnerable than what may have been indicated on the balance sheet.
  • Discreet, 'from-the-horse's mouth' commentary  in the form of human source intelligence (HUMINT) that not only will address obvious red-flag issues, but also political context, arguments for and against a business and even the ease-of-working with a particular subject.