Litigation support

Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation (CDDI) prides itself in litigation support services. These can range from relatively simple, but highly thorough (and necessary) advanced paralegal and research services to liaison work with local and international prosecutors.  Litigation support may include the following:

  •  Liaison work with local, national and/or international law enforcement
  •  Witness and potential witness identification
  • Surveillance (geared toward court admissibility)
  • Sting operations
  • Asset search and asset confirmation
  • Case strategy advisory
  • Risk mitigation and negotiation

Local and national crime group intelligence and consulting

Guidance with regard to the selection and management of local legal counsel

CDDI staff have decades of experience in the context of local, national and international investigations. In this context, we have often found that local and even international prosecutors lack budget or are simply overworked and thus unable to prioritize case loads.

With this in mind, investigators have been successful in supporting official investigations through official contact and rapport with prosecutors while conducting surveillance operation, gathering and mapping open source (OSINT) evidence, conducting international asset trace exercises and even identifying potential witnesses for questioning. Key investigators have police experience and thus will bolster your case without crossing the fine line that could be deemed as tampering or interference.

Prosecutions supported by our staff have included identifying money-laundering routes, locating fugitives, missing person searches, counterfeit and diverted product investigations, VAT scams, social engineering scams, child custody battles, sovereign asset trace exercises, local property searches and liaison work with police and prosecutors in other jurisdictions.