Veteran Investigators

The reality of change even in the CEE core countries has outdated many consulting and so-called 'risk consulting' services, many of which rely on antiquated contacts and approaches to client needs. The true reality lies in the ability to conduct on-the-ground investigation with this combined with not vague 'local knowledge,' but an understanding of the law, ongoing work on parliamentary bills and the likely effects of such legislation, as well as political--and more often than most would admit 'organized crime networks. 

Our team, which includes not only experienced consultants and site auditors, but also investigators with deep law enforcement experience and continued contact with regard to liaison work with local prosecutors, is positioned to bring you more than a 'report.' We offer advice and strategic guidance with regard to choosing legal strategies, supporting consultants and even legal representatives in the region. 

In order to guarantee results and protect our investigators, we ensure our staff and detectives a degree of anonymity. However, descriptions of key personnel are as follows:  

     Preston Smith--Veteran detective that has directly investigated all levels of crime and litigation support cases over the past 20 years. For close to a decade Smith has worked with local an international risk consultancies, including heading such local agencies for the past eight years. Reportedly the first foreign-born detective to be licensed in Poland, Smith has handled well more than 1,000 cases in the region, which have included serious fraud, product diversion, real estate crime/fraud, child custody cases, organized crime issues, political insight/economic and election issues, liaison work with foreign law enforcement and more. Additional cases include large-scale pre-transaction checks, ranging from manufacturing to real estate to services, environmental and industrial hygiene checks to deep HUMINT checks with regard potential links to politically exposed persons (PEPs) in both Poland and the region. He has also participated and de facto led high-level negotiations/mediation and conflict resolution cases on an almost quarterly basis. Smith speaks fluent English and Polish and (admittedly rusty) Czech, Ukrainian, French and Spanish, with passive reading abilities in Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Romanian. 

  TZ—A former police captain and former official of  the specialized state services, as well as a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and WSPol in Szczytno [Police University in Szczytno].  TZ has 25 years of experience in detecting crimes and abuses and preventive actions, and in the past focused on both financial and organized crime. TZ has extremely detailed experience in stopping counterfeit goods, dealing with VAT carousel rings, fraud/leakage in manufacturing and transport and asset traces. He also has a wide range of experience dealing with various crimes ranging from security threats to layered prodcut diversion schemes.  

  JM—former officer in the national police and special ops officer in the state services. JM is also a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and Academy of National Defence, and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyzski University, with a specialization in the protection of classified information, combating terrorism and management. JM has 21 years of experience in detecting crimes and criminal abuse. He is also an expert in preventative security measures. Highly experienced counterfeit issues/manufacturing diversion/ surveillance/sting operations/logistics and retail “leakage," as well as organized crime issues. JM has worked a wide range of cases for CDDI including background checks, asset trace work, manufacturing/product diversion/surveillance/logistics issues/organized crime threats/site security checks/internal fraud oversight. 

    Dr. Hab. TS--More than 25 years of experience in environmental testing and assessment. Internationally recognized expert in site and risk assessment as well as in development and implementation of low cost remediation strategies. Established a private environmental testing laboratory which is now part of international testing inspection body. Serves as an expert in NATO projects as well as a member of EU Working Group on Contaminated Soils/Land Reclamation. 

    WX-- Legal  consultant/lawyer in Poland, Ukraine  and works with us in a variety of legal crises through the Balkans, Russia and CIS. Speaks Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian and Vietnamese. Served in the Polish diplomatic core. 

    CS--Partner. Publishing/PR background. Wide network throughout manufacturing, real estate and publishing in the region. 

    KZ--More than a decade of IT network, coding, anti-virus detection and anti-hacking experience. E-mail network provider for a number of major firms in Poland. Wide experience with regard to e-discovery forensics, IT infrastructure issues/audits 

      DF project manager-More than 10-years experience in a Polish law firm. Currently an attorney at law trainee at the Warsaw BarAssociation, and a registered mediator listed on the Regional Court in Warsaw. Fluent in Polish and English.

    ZM-More than five years in the Trade and Investment Promotion Section, Embassy of the Republic of Poland. Dealt with crisis situations encountered by Polish individuals and companies. Speaks fluent Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian and English. 

    MG -More than seven years of experience in personal consulting/executive search gained on the Polish and CEE markets. Prior to focusing on executive search, he worked for a top national law office, as well as as a consultant for British and Swiss executive search agencies and as an executive team member/CEE HR/Legal Manager at a music products global corporation. During his career as an executive search consultant ge has managed recruitment projects for top international and domestic companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG, real estate (office space/shopping malls), retail, professional services (law firms, BIG4, advisory), DIY, mining. MG graduated from Faculty of Law at Warsaw University.

       Auxiliary detectives—wide network throughout Poland and CEE.