Specialized services

Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation (CDDI) teams include experienced investigators, detectives and experts deeply familiar with local legal frameworks, all with a mandate to focus on finding solutions that will not only help your decision making processes, but also enable prosecution if needed. This includes the following specialized services:

  • Surveillance, including both film and photographic evidence.
  • Sting operations are typically undertaken during conflict-of-interest scenarios, although this has often been applied to worker absence, diversion of product and identifying counterfeit sellers.
  • Scam/product diversion identification. This ranges from the identification of real estate and financial scams to counterfeit activities to inventory skimming, VAT carousel scams, embezzlement and the identification of side networks benefiting from your company's resources.
  • Local and complex security checks.
  • We also offer analysis, aid and explanation of modus operandi re local and national politics, criminal organizations and their activities and specific country risks.
  • "De-bugging" or counter-surveillance scans
  • Conter-surveillance training
  • Political awareness advisory/prepping for foreign visits/travel in the region (CIS/SEE/CEE/Africa)
  • Site surveillance
  • Advanced environmental testing and due diligence (including industrial hygiene audits and permission guidance)