Soil/air/water testing

Soil/water/air testing

Central Europe is notoriously rife with falsified testing results, with some experts privately estimating that up to 50 percent of results used to obtain permissions are falsified This is a key danger to the future of your firm or production facility. Whether you are in process of developing a retail center on former industrial land or whether you are planning to acquire a production facility from an established company, failed or falsified tests can leave you holding the bag--and facing massive civil and criminal penalties that could threaten the future of both your firm and career.

Through our partner we specialize in objective and exact results. Full testing may be needed or spot checks, and our advisory services include leading experts who are recognized throughout the region for their level of diligence in the field.

During this process testing vehicles and specialists will be sent to your site following a review of the company's needs and past history. Testing may include the following:

  • Sewage or waste levels (i.e. the types of contaminants and the levels in the context of environmental legislations)
  • Chemical airborne contaminants (vapors, gases, fumes, dusts, etc._
  • Biological hazards ranging from viral and bacterial risk to fungus, parasite, or any living organism that cause disease.
  • Legacy issues/trace contaminants (which is especially important considering the communist history of some countries
  • Natural contaminant levels (especially important in the case of agricultural development)

Whether your needs lie in testing soil or water on site, monitoring hazardous waste levels or simply preparing documents for environmental permits, you can rest assured that we offer through our partners .state of the art testing and analysis. This includes:

  • Trained staff to ensure fast and precise analysis
  • Sampling trucks with mobile monitoring/sampling device coolers to ensure sampling integrity
  • Pollution mapping and modeling expertise, using GIS
  • Deep knowledge of legal systems and practical issues regarding compliance
  • The ability to set up a team of top experts in different fields to cope with more complicated issues and environmental risks

When needed we also consult with former or current inspectors who know the law and have access to knowledge regarding current policies, developments, expected changes of institutional focus and the law.  

Final reports are "board ready," anywhere it is important to note that we also offer followup consultation with regard to strategies to move forward, land reclamation possibilities or methods/technology necessary  to meet environmental norms.