Advanced paralegal

Advanced paralegal

The CEE region, unfortunately, has long been lacking in the paralegal sector. This is partly because most law firms--if not too small to employ a full compliment of paralegal staff--simply do not function in a fashion that guarantees well-paying positions for advanced paralegal staffers. This leads to shortcuts that can severely undermine your case.

Examples of such "incidents" include shortcuts taken by certain companies that result in partial or out-of-date information, such as:

Relying specifically on electronic checks.

Thus failing to pull hard-copy documents due to time concerns, lack of reach beyond the large cities in the CEE or "squeezed" budgets.

Using interns or students to pull documents or garner publicly-available evidence. Such persons may be "gung-ho," but they typically lack the context or experience to recognize key issues.

Gathering such documentation strictly as a move to drive fees (i.e. pulling such documents for reasons of "creating paid-photocopying opportunities."

Case load issues.

In this respect, we can bear some or part of this load for a client, which may then be supplied to his legal representation. Or we also may supplement the needs of legal firms due to our reach and flexibility. This paralegal aspect often spurs different or more effective investigative approaches and can thus increase the odds of effectively and efficiently fighting litigation.