CDDI saves clients approx. EUR 800,000 in 12 months

CDDI saves clients approx. EUR 800,000 in 12 months

WARSAW, POLAND--Polish investigative firm and detective agency Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation (CDDI) announced Nov. 15, 2018 that over the past 12 months it had during "conflict resolution" cases saved or aided in the retrieval of slightly more than EUR 800,000.

"Obviously, I have been in the risk intelligence sector for now close to a decade, but we are approaching two-and-one half years in business at CDDI and over the past 12 months we have again and again been drawn into crisis resolution cases," said Preston Smith, CEO of CDDI. "These can be quite complex indeed, and they often involve aspects ranging from deep open-source (OSINT) to human source (HUMINT) to surveillance to IT forensics and e-discovery.

"Working with local lawyers, as well as our own, detectives and dedicated legal consultants, we have consistently found compelling evidence of wrongdoing and then convinced the 'other side' to come back to the table," he added. "In most cases, we have also led the negotiation efforts or worked closely with local legal counsel to work out palatable agreements." 

Smith noted that cases differ dramatically, and that often "accounting pink flags" simply do not provide enough information to paint an accurate picture of potential wrongdoing or to even find leverage when such wrongdoing has occurred.

"A questionable invoice is just that--questionable," he said. "It does not mean that a crime has been committed or that there has even been a sin against the company. Sometimes it's a mistake to rush in, grab laptops and accounting and turn a company upside down. We woudl rather be discreet and begin from the outside in. If findings warrant the diredt approach, then you take such an approach, but just pulling out the big guns based on a hunch can be a mistake."